Başka Kasko brings heat to the industry

Başka Kasko brings heat to the industry

ERGO introduced two new products.

ERGO Turkey introduced its new products,"ERGO Başka Kasko" and"ERGO Yüzde 100 Health Insurance" at the press conference, explaining what they have accomplished within the year 2013.

In his opening speech, CEO of ERGO Turkey, Theo Kokkalas, stated that they aim to be a leader insurance company that grows profitably and sustainably and added;"We continue to provide the best service to our customers with support of the financial power of Munich Re and extensive experience of ERGO Insurance Group. Our priority as ERGO Turkey is to be a reliable and customer-oriented company. With this goal, we work in close coordination with our powerful agent network throughout Turkey."

ERGO Turkey Member of the Board of Executives Responsible for Sales and Marketing Yıldırım Türe shared the works carried out in 2013 within the context of the renewed strategy and structure. Stating that, as ERGO Turkey, they aim to create sustainable value for customers, agencies, shareholders, employees and the Turkish people and to be an exemplary company for all stakeholders; Türe continued,"Agencies are important parts of our sales strategy.

As the management staff, we interviewed 753 agencies and travelled 94,962 km in 2013. We aim to increase this number to 850 by the end of the year. Our Regional Directors and Agency representatives made 12,100 visits to their business partners by travelling 2,220,514 km, our goal for the end of the year is 15 thousand visits. On the other hand, we aim to include 180 new business partners in ERGO family by the end of 2013".

ERGO Turkey listens to its agencies

Emphasizing that they signed under different projects in order to be closer to the agencies, Türe said that they organized 400 agencies in order to collect feedbacks and conducted a research combining quantitative and qualitative outcomes in order to identify the criteria of agencies for working with ERGO, their needs and expectations and in order to take action with the collaboration of Vera Research Company.

Only 18% of the 0 km vehicles have vehicle insurance policies in Turkey

Yıldırım Türe pointed out that 17 million vehicles are in traffic in Turkey as of the end of August and stated that, while 56% of the 0 km vehicles produced have

Road Motor Vehicles Mandatory Financial Liability (Traffic) Insurance, 18% of them have vehicle insurance policies according to statistical reports. According to the records in Insurance Information and Monitoring Center

  • An accident occurs every 33 seconds in our country
  • In 2012, 950 thousand accidents occurred and the average number of daily accidents exceeded 2,500.
  • The city where the most accidents occur in 2012 has been İstanbul as well as the previous years.
  • According to SBM data, the accidents with most material damages occur on Mondays.
  • The time of the day when most accidents occur is observed as 14:00 - 14:59.
  • Women are more careful... While women were found fully defective in 47% of the accidents that occurred between male and female drivers in 2012, men were found full defective in 49%. A defect distribution of 50% - 50% was imposed in 4% of these accidents.

ERGO makes a first in the industry with"Başka Kasko"

Stating that, as ERGO Turkey, they investigate the industry and restructure the existing product due to customer needs and expectations, Türe explained the qualities of ERGO Başka Kasko as follows:

  • We do not open damage files in minor damages up to an annual total of 500 TL including VAT within the size limits with ERGO Başka Kasko.
  • We provide repair without ruining your no-claim bonus and without opening damage files up to 2 parts without size limits.
  • We don't only prepare special vehicle insurance offer with only one SMS, we serve with two different alternatives. We prepare offers with the SMS messages sent by our existing customers and send the offers to our agencies via Internet. We prepare a policy through our most suitable agency for those who are not our existing customers and send the policy again to our related agency.

"ERGO Yüzde 100" Health Insurance

Stating that they launched another new product, ERGO Yüzde Yüz Health Insurance, which day prepared by searching the dynamics of health industry, in September and that they follow this product closely, Türe said the following on the product's qualities:

With our complimentary health insurance product, we cover the difference charges that SGK will not cover for the services you will purchase at contracted private health institutes in a way determined by special and general conditions.

Our difference from the other players in the industry is our assistance service. Our policy owners can benefit from the services we provide by calling our Call Center.

  • Healthy nutrition line
  • Discount dry cleaning
  • Discount rent a car
  • Discount sea taxi
  • Discount motovale

"ERGO Başka Kasko" new advertising campaign

Yıldırım Türe also provided information on the new advertising campaign prepared for ERGO Başka Kasko product. Saying that ERGO Turkey carries on as an insurance company, which understands what their customers value and why, Türe concluded,"All products and services we provide for personal needs are formed in direction of our customers' personal needs and expectations. With this campaign, we aimed to give a warm and sincere message suitable to our brand values of"vicinity","trust" and"transparency"."

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