Corporate Products

1. Workplace Insurances

Your workplace is the future of you and your employees! With Workplace Insurance Package, you secure all kinds of accidents that may occur at your workplace.

It covers your workplace and the commodity, stock, machine, safe box and cash register components present at your workplace against the damages that may occur due to fire, lightning, explosion, internal water damages, smoke, impact of air craft and land vehicles, storm, landslide, snow weight, hail, strike, lockout, riot, civil commotion, malicious acts, terror and theft hazards. Optionally, damages that may occur due to flood and inundation, earthquake, volcanic eruption are covered.

Our Products

  • Medical Insurance Package.
  • Pharmacy Insurance Policy Package.
  • Education Insurance Package.
  • Fuel Oil Insurance Package.
  • Hotel Insurance Package

2. Transportation Insurances

Secure your load with Transportation Insurances during land, sea and air transports!

Our Products

  • Inland Road Carrier’s Financial Liability Insurances
  • Goods in Transport Insurances
  • CMR (Carrier’s Overseas Liability) Insurance
  • Boat/Yacht Insurance
  • Yacht Insurances

Secure your load with Transportation Insurances during land, sea and air transports!

3. Engineering Insurances

Don’t put your projects at risk, secure them with the Engineering Insurances against possible accidents!

Our Products

  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance.
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance.
  • Construction All Risks Insurance.
  • Installation All Risks Insurance.
  • Natural Gas Facilities Insurance.

4. Agriculture Insurances

Secure your crops and livestock with Agriculture Insurances! To get detailed information about the products, you can visitTARSİM

Our Products

  • Crops Insurance.
  • Greenhouse Insurance.
  • Bovine and Ovine Animals Life Insurance.
  • Poultry Animals Life Insurance.
  • Fisheries Life Insurance.
  • Beekeeping (Bee Hive) Insurance

To Get Your Insurance Policy

You can get detailed information from the nearest ERGO Agency and get your insurance policy.

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